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4 Delightfully Unique Gift Ideas for 2017 - Christmas Gift Ideas

4 Delightfully Unique Gift Ideas for 2017 - Christmas Gift Ideas

Let's face it, standing at the tail end of 2017 it has been one weird year but the end of October marks the beginning of the holiday season so wherever you are, dig up a reindeer sweater and prepare for two solid months of Christmas music playing on every corner. If you're like most people, then the fresh nip of cold in the air is your physical reminder that it's time to go gift shopping for the numerous friends and family members with whom you trade holiday wishes and wrapped packages every year. What will you give them this year?

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Not Socks Again

After a certain amount of time knowing someone, you get a feeling for the kind of thing they're going to give you. One relative always gives out books they think are nice recommendations, tends to go with techy toys, another obviously does most of their shopping on Etsy. Whether you're the relative that usually gives out scented candles or DVD box sets, go with the weird year and surprise your gift recipients with something unique and fun. Get creative, guess what they'd find interesting, and try to give your friends and relatives something they've never owned before. Not sure where to start? We've got four fun ideas that should get your imagination going for Christmas gift ideas.

1) The Pixel Art Super Speaker

By far one of the coolest "toys" we've ever come across, the Divoom Timebox Smart Speaker is the perfect way to introduce a child to the incredibly high-tech world of smart and programmable devices. Your talented little tech artist will be able to draw anything they want on the LED pixel screen creating thousands of unique pictures, but then there's the speaker itself. It plays the radio, connects to your smartphone for special notification and chat features. It even has a large array of white noises and gentle alarms to help the little one get good sleep between school and play.

2) The Ultimate Study Tool

For the students and/or engineers in your life, there's nothing quite so useful as a sleek multifunction tool. The MEANJAN aluminum 2 in 1 Pen is a black ballpoint pen that docks into a subtly wedge-shaped aluminum ruler. This is the perfect gift for someone whose job or education has them constantly working with paper and physical books. The ruler is perfect for creating straight lines and neat diagrams, but it can also be used to hold a book open while you're studying and the two pieces fit perfectly together for safe pocket storage.

3) Levitating Desk Globe and Star Map

Whatever your normal gift-giving habits, they probably don't involve levitation. From students to teachers to bank managers, if you have a friend or relative who practically lives at their desk, you can give them a delightful reminder of 'the big picture' with an elegant levitating desk globe. It floats gently between magnets so it can be spun and played within mid-air or simply mystify office guests as they try to focus on the conversation at hand. At night or when the lights are out, you can flip the switch and the globe lights up in a beautiful constellation map instead, making it a fantastic night-light as well.

4) Samurai Shoji Lamp

If you have a friend or relative who loves a variety of world culture inspired art or someone who is really into the Japanese culture in particular (hint: people who like anime), a shoji lamp could be the perfect thoughtful gift for their personal collection. Made of wood and painted paper, this classic lamp lights up from the inside to illuminate for panels depicting a samurai's journey around the sides of the lamp. The paper diffuses the light, making it a beautiful way to create traditional oriental mood lighting.

Why go with the same-old gifts this year when 2017 has left us with such a rich selection of weird and useful gadgets and artistic innovations to choose from?


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