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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with these Toys-Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with these Toys-Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

It won't be long until you are inundated with non-stop lists of the top gifts for kids, what's new and popular, and the gifts that merit standing in line for hours. And 2017 seems to be the year of nostalgia. This Christmas season will see the returns of such favorites as Tickle Me Elmo, Furby, and Trolls.

Editorial | 7 months ago | Christmas 

Last year we saw the NES Classic fly off the shelves and this year you can expect to see a follow-up performance by Super NES classic. We have taken the time to put together a list of some of this season's hot toys and some of our personal favorites.

Star Wars Furbacca Furby

Furby is back and this time it has teamed up with the mega-empire that is Star Wars. Your kids are sure to giggle and have hours of fun with this cute and spunky classic. But if this is on your list, it'd be wise to pick it up if you see it as this is a toy that is sure to be coveted not only by the kids but by the many Star Wars fans and 80's kids. Furbacca is posed to be the most popular Furby yet.

Super Spirograph

Remember those little plastic stencils that would create crazy designs as you dragged your colorful pens across the paper? Well, they're back and celebrating 50 years. Relive your childhood memories and sit down with your child and have a coloring contest. This classic toy is great for kids of all ages and is a great way to disconnect them from their electronics.

View-Master Virtual Reality

The View-Master has made it's way to the 21st century. The same red device that we remember has received a major upgrade. Connect your View-Master to your smartphones and become immersed in a 360-degree view of the rainforest or go for a swim under the sea. Move your head up and down or left and right and experience new views.

Tickle Me Elmo

The toy that brought to the forefront the madness that is Christmas shopping. The Elmo of the past had parents pushing and shoving to get their hands on the giggling red Sesame Street star. Sporting an upgrade for today's kids, this Elmo has just as many giggles and fun remarks as the 90's version. Tickle his belly and he will move and shake with contagious laughter. Elmo is sure to make your youngest kids squeal with delight.

Girl Scout Cookies Deluxe Oven

Today's version of the personal mini oven for kids, this toy allows kids to bake their own treats in their own child-sized oven. Featuring the infamously popular girl scout cookies, you might find yourself begging your child to make another batch. The Girl Scout Cookies Deluxe Oven will help your kid real-life skills too as the cookies require the child to be able to measure, mix, and dish out the ingredients. This toy does get hot and actually bake the cookies so it is best suited for older children.

Super NES Classic

This will be the must-have toy this season. Last year saw the tremendous success of the return of the Nintendo favorite. Stores were sold out and lines were formed any time there was a new shipment. This year promises to see the same level of demand for the Super NES Classic, so be prepared to make extra efforts if you want to get your hands on this one.

This Christmas, take a blast to the past and make some new memories with your children. These classics are sure to bring a smile to your child's face and to yours as well. For more retro gift ideas, visit Ez Gift House. Ez Gift House is the place to discover the perfect gift for everyone on your list, this holiday season and beyond


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